Bob Jane Stadium

Lakeside Stadium (also known as Bob Jane Stadium due to sponsorship reasons) is a soccer stadium in Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia. Built on the site of the former Australian rules football ground the Lake Oval, it currently serves as the home ground and administrative base for the South Melbourne FC. The ground is currently being remodeled in order to introduce a running track, second grandstand and new facilities in order to facilitate the relocation of athletic organisations and events from their current home of Olympic Park.

The Lake Oval and Australian rules football

Lakeside Stadium stands on the site of the former Lake Oval a former home ground for the Australian rules football and home of the South Melbourne Swans before the club relocated to Sydney in 1982. The ground had a significant VFL/AFL history, having been the host venue for both the VFL Grand Final (1901) and the night premiership series (1952–1971).

A remnant of the old Lake Oval structure, a grandstand built in 1926, still remains standing between the stadium grandstand and the current stadium's car park, but it is no longer used and has fallen into disrepair. Its continued existence was the subject of debate. At one stage the Sydney Swans football club showed interest in repurchasing it to be used as a museum and administrative building, while there were also calls from others to demolish the building because of its derelict state. Under the Victorian Government's plan to remodel the venue in order to relocate Athletics Victoria and the Victorian Institute of Sport from their base at Olympic Park, the stand will be refurbished to house the VIS.

Soccer Ground

Construction of the current stadium took place in 1995 when South Melbourne FC was forced out of their old home at Middle Park to make way for the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit.

The stadium was built with a capacity of 14,000 people, which has been achieved or approached several times in South Melbourne's history at the ground. A grandstand with an approximate capacity of 3,000 people is situated on one side, with a social club, reception centre and administrative facilities built in, while the other 3 sides of the ground consist of open terraces with wooden seats. At one stage, a second two tiered stand for the outer side was proposed, but only preliminary plans were produced.

As well as being the home of South Melbourne FC, the venue has also hosted games by the Socceroos, Young Socceroos, Australia's national women's team the Matildas, and grand finals and finals matches of the Victorian Premier League.


In May 2008 the State Government announced that Lakeside Stadium would undergo a major redevelopment, in order to accommodate an athletics track, as part of moving Athletics Victoria from Olympic Park. The Victorian Institute of Sport, Athletics Victoria and South Melbourne FC would share tenancy of the venue. South Melbourne played its final match under Lakeside Stadium's current configuration in April 2010, and construction work on the remodeled venue began in June 2010.


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