BMW Welt

“Ever since Le Corbusier liberated the roof of the Unité as a landscape from its singular significance and function as a mere protective element, and ever since Oscar Niemeyer completed the design of his single-family dwelling Casa das Canoas near Rio de Janeiro, we have understood that the roof of a building need not necessarily follow its basic layout and structure. Rather, the “roof” has taken on a new meaning, new significance in modern architecture.”

Wolf D. Prix

Special priority was placed on free slight lines and visual interaction between the various areas BMW Welt as well as with the building's immediate surroundings. The transaprent glass facades permit views of the landscape of the Olympiapark from inside the building. The 'Four Cylinders' building designed by Karl Schwanzer, headquarters of the BMW Group, is honored with a special guesture: a wedge cut out of the roof shape. Through this gap at the entire high-rise can be experienced from within BMW Welt at certain in the process of vehicle delivery.

At the heart of BMW Welt is vehicle delivery, which forms both the spacial hub and the functional backbone of the building, and the processes connected with this function extend over almost all levels. The new vehicles are delivered to the lower floors via their own loading yard. Here there are caerwashes, mechanics' worshops final paint inspectatiuon sites and final cleaning sites as well as one-day storage facility, an automatic high-rise storage unit with a capacity for 250 cars. This corresponds to the maximum dailu capacity of the vehicle process. the delivery and end-finish process takes place hidden from customers and visitors on the underground stage. the vehicles are then transported in transparent glass elevators to the actual delivery storage, dubbed Premiere, which is at the center of BMW Welt, visible from all the other areas. This area is also known as the 'Marina' snce the vehicle are handed over to customers on rotating platforms, from where they cand rive out of the building via a generously sized ramp.

Altough BMW Welt is basically a public building, certain areas are open exclusively to those picking up new vehicles. For exapmle, at the main entrances to BMW Welt customers can check into a hotel and enjoy exclusive ue of two Lounge levels. The Lounge is integrated into the roof and thus virtually service shafts and column.

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