Blow Up Hall 50 50
BLOW UP HALL 50 50 Blow Up Hall 50 50 is an interactive work of art housing 22 rooms of Blow Up 50 50, a Bar and a Restaurant, which offers a combination of a luxury, high tech facilities, a finest design and a personal artistic experimentation - not only does a hotel guest experience art, but also participates in its creation and becomes its main substance. The name of the complex was initially inspired by a cult 1966 British-Italian art film, Blowup, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. That is also the name of an electronic project, around which the Blow Up Hall 50 50 was designed – Blow Up Commission by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, a Mexican-Canadian artist formerly displayed on the Venice Biennale and in Tate Modern. An impressive collection of art makes Blow Up Hall 50 50 an extraordinary destination. In its interiors one may see Vanessa Beecroft’s monumental photography VB 52.100, Spencer Tunick’s nude installation from San Sebastian, Caio Reisewitz’s photos of the Royal Library in Rio de Janeiro and Patrick Tourneboeuf’s large-scale pictures of the Nationale Archive in Paris. Set in the reception hall of Blow Up 50 50, Sebastian Hempel’s “Irrlichter` consists of two longitundial fluorescent lamps which swivel around and project light. The design of the Blow up hall gets outside the architecture of the building and is built around the guest/user’s art experience. There is no reception desk, and individually-designed rooms have no numbers. Instead of a key each guest is given an iPhone which is paired with a particular room. iPhone allows a guest to detect a room and open their bedroom doors through IT recognition technology. iPhones at Blow up hall are portable art pieces allowing a guest to experience art in the room and outside the interiors of the hotel. In this understanding Blow up hall’s space is not limited to the physical boundaries of the building and with its users/guests is freely moving and penetrating the urban space of the city. Moreover, iPhones, loaded with applications on Blow Up’s facilities, cultural events and surrounding areas, serve as the virtual concierges. Blow Up Hall 50 50, together with other brands, is a part of an umbrella brand called Project 50 50. The Project is an expression of the idea 50 50, constituting philosophical foundation of all the founder’s ventures. Art is the core element of any enterprise balanced by its individual specifics. The proportion is always 50% of art and 50% of the complementary element. In Blow Up Hall 50 50 Art is supplemented by Pleasure. *The works of art on the plans are marked violet. Name of the building: Blow Up Hall 50 50 Area of the hotel: Total area: 942,80 sq meters Usable area: 785,20 sq meters Area of the Restaurant: Total area: 203,20 sq meters Usable area: 177,80 sq meters Area of the Bar: Total area: 117,20 sq meters Usable area: 81,30 sq meters Total area of the building: 1602,20 sq meters Total usable area of the building: 1383,30 sq meters Date when the project was finished: 07.2007 Date when the building was completed: 12.2008


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