Bloemendaler polder Landscape and city merged into one overall composition This 500 hectare plan is situated on the river Vecht to the east of Amsterdam, between the towns of Muiden and Weesp. The scheme includes 2,350 houses and associated infrastructure, including the relocation and widening of the A1 motorway and the construction of an aqueduct for the motorway under the Vecht river, retail and social services, a new water system and a 330 ha strategic landscape project for recreation and nature. The design strategy conceives the area as totality, in which landscape and city are merged into one overall composition. By designing the landscape, water & urban components together a weave of housing and landscape is achieved, which is characteristic for the Vecht region. One of the ambitions of the plan is to ensure a strong relation with the river. A characteristic of the Vecht region is the contrast between compact river-towns with high density housing, and the open, sparsely populated landscape around them with housing in a very low density. This contrast has been translated in our plan by establishing a new river-town close the existing centre of Weesp, with relatively high density housing, and including canals, boating channels with locks between the river and the interior, and narrow streets. High-quality brickwork and a range of interesting and pleasant public spaces give the new city its specific character. A large new lake is the central feature of the plan and is the focus for the remaining housing areas and recreation. A new subdivision strip is proposed between the Vecht city and the new lake utilizing a variety of house typologies. Small communities are clustered around the lake, and are connected to the strip. Along the river, four new parks - estates really - are proposed. These estates are primarily programmed for recreation and ecology. They connect the centre of the scheme to the river. Wetland recreation and ecological areas are proposed to the west of the site - including meadows, a teahouse, an arboretum, raised promenades for pedestrians and cyclists, alder woodlands and wetlands.


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