Block 16

Block 16 is part of the master plan designed by OMA for a new prestigious city centre in Almere. The autonomous expressive block reacts on two conditions: the billowing end marks as a kind of gatekeeper the harbour entrance. At the other end the movement is smoothened and the building fits in with the right-angled grid of the adjacent glass high-rise housing blocks. The block is sited on a basement car park (design OMA) serving as a pedestal. The elevated deck level is half occupied by the common entrance and the storerooms. The other part is a gym which…...


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  • Nadezhda Nikolova
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  • Tom Mallory
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    Yep great facade, like a hurricane
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  • Dmytro Tereshchenko
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    wow! finally! I`v been looking for this building for many years!)
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