Blobwall Pavilion
An innovative redefinition of the brick – architecture’s most basic building unit – into a lightweight object made of colorful plastic and reinterpreted into modular elements. Photo: arcspace Photo: arcspace The Blobwall Pavilion is a contemporary wall system that recovers the voluptuous shapes, chiaroscuro and grotto-like textures of Baroque and Renaissance architecture in pixilated gradients of vivid color.

“In the renaissance, palaces were designed to have a mixture of the opulent and the base, the elegant and the rustic. Stones were hewn so that they had planar faces for stacking and bonding but their outward faces expressed on their façades were left cloven and rustic. The Blob Wall is a contemporary rusticated wall. The three lobed form of the bricks is both so they can tuck together nose to forked tails as well as so that when rotated in a gradient series they become more lumpy and articulated.”

 On three walls of the installation, custom fabricated, mirror backed bubble cabinets display Greg Lynn’s robot collection. Photo: arcspace Photo: arcspace Photo: arcspace Photo: arcspace Photo: arcspace Photo: arcspace Blobwall Pavilion is a collaboration between Greg Lynn FORM; Machineous, who manufactured the bricks; and Panelite, who produced and distributed the architectural material. It is an innovative red...


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