Blackburne House
Blackburne House is a building situated in Liverpool, England. It was originally the home of John Blackburne, but has since been used for other purposes.

Blackburne House was built between 1785 and 1790 for John Blackburne, who in 1788 became the Mayor of Liverpool. In 1844 the house was bought by George Holt, a local philanthropist, who intended to convert it into a school for girls. The school opened on 5 August 1844, and was the first grammar school for girls in Liverpool. The building later had to be rebuilt and extended: between 1874 and 1876 a new wing was added, which included a clock tower, and the central staircase which links the two buildings together. It was at this stage that the school was renamed the Liverpool Institute High School for Girls . The school was commonly referred to as Blackburne House, rather than by its full title. The school was eventually closed in 1984. Over the next ten years the house was refitted, and then re-opened in 1994 as the Blackburne House Centre for Women. The Women's Technology and Education Centre raised the funds to transform this beautiful grade II listed building to its present-day role of transforming women's lives through education.

Present Day
In 2002 the constitution of the organisation running Blackburne House was changed. This is now known as the Blackburne House Group. While the focus remains on women's education in non-traditional areas, the group now encompasses other businesses all operating at or from Blackburne House itself including a conference centre, cafe, a health spa and well-being centre and a design company. These are all run as Social Enterprise with all profits being put back into the education programme.