Birmingham Town Hall
Birmingham Town Hall is a masterpiece of Victorian Architecture and has a Classical look with its portico raised on 40 Corinthian columns coated with Anglesey marble. The perfect proportions and regular rhythm found in the façade are reminiscent of the Ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Designed by Joseph Hansom and Edward Welch, the edifice is based on the ideas and books of the renowned Italian architect Andreas Palladio and closely resembles the Temple of Castor and Pollux in Rome. The building has been a centre of all major musical performances in the city since 1847. Its great hall has a capacity of 1100 people and houses one of the finest pipe organs in the country built by William Hill from London. Adorning the forecourt are two memorials, one to Queen Victoria and another to the inventor James Watt. Both are the work of Alexander Monro and date from 1899.
In 2008, the Town Hall re-opened as a concert hall after extensive refurbishment costing £35 million and now still hosts classical music performances, events like the graduation ceremonies of Aston University and is a main venue in the city. 


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