Biomedical Research Facility

Home to some of Australia’s leading scientists and researchers, the internationally accredited and highly sustainable Biomedical Research Facility is setting new standards in world class research and laboratory designs. It is an iconic building developed to accommodate all breeding of small animals and a range of experimental zones in Western Australia. The building demonstrates the University of Western Australia’s commitment to support the highest quality research and teaching outcomes in a world class facility. It incorporates the latest technology for housing research animals and for identifying and testing genes for human diseases and comprises PC2 laboratories, PC3 laboratories, breeding and experimental areas, a training lab, administration offices, research library and study room, meeting rooms, change facilities, wash-up and sterilisation facilities, staff amenities and stores.


Located at the Shenton Park Field Station, the 3,000 sqm building is designed and built to exacting specifications tailored to the needs of the animals, their carers’ and the research and teaching community of Western Australia. ESD principles were at the forefront in the design and were incorporated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and allow the University to take a responsible lead energy and resources use.


Unlike other institutions, the facility evokes a connection to the earth through the use of natural and recycled materials such as concrete, limestone and timber whilst still meeting international standards for its complex and technically challenging laboratories within. The building rests on a gently rising slope, its walls extending out to mark significant entry points anchoring it to the landscape.


The iconic building has received eight industry awards, including the 2009 Property Council Innovation and Excellence Award - Bassett Award for Sustainable Development and the Excellence in Energy Efficiency - Sponsored by the Sustainable Energy Development Office (SEDO)- MBA Bankwest Excellence in Construction Award 2007.


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