BIKO (1)+(1)=1 The architectural design is partly inspired in the approach of the chefs Mikel Alonso and Bruno Oteiza (disciples of Jean Marie Arzak) through the tasting of dishes and wines where the traditional flavours of the Basque cuisine and its evolution create a new concept of clear duality. Based in this duality, the architectural concept uses the opposition of tones (light/dark) that can be appreciated in the texture and hardness of the materials; this, combined with an oblique geometry inspired in prehispanic forms, generated the base for the design. The colour is given by the dishes. The dark tones are represented by black slate on floors form a solid base; dark steel plates on walls and ceiling envelope the wine cellars and bathrooms, generating more hidden and solemn spaces.. The clear tones are conveyed by a sand coloured skin (Sande plywood) that envelops the space in horizontal scaled sections starting from the floor increasing in size and ending interweaving with a structure of vertical wooden lattices whose transparency allows a view of Mazaryk Avenue and control the afternoon sunlight Within this space two elements were placed to break its equilibrium, the first is a wooden walnut box that forms the bar and at the same time limits the entrance, the wine cellars and the dining area. The second one are two ΒΌ


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    Access to the restaurant, elevator steel case Dining area night view Dining area Dining area Dining area night view Dining area night view Passage wine cellars, slate, glass and steel walls Dining area Slate floors , walnut and sande walls and ceiling White marble lavatory surrounded by natural steel
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