BG Group Place

BG Group Place (formerly MainPlace) is a 630 ft (192 m) tall skyscraper under construction in Downtown Houston, Texas. It is expected to be completed in 2010 and will have 46 floors. It has been pre-certified Platinum LEED. When it is completed, BG Group Place, will become the 15th tallest building in Houston and will feature a skygarden on the 39th floor. It is the tallest building built in Houston in 23 years, after the Heritage Plaza was completed in 1987. According to the building's website, MainPlace will be ready for occupancy by February 2011. The naming was done when BG Group Plc became an anchor tenant and leased 164,000sq ft of space.

Environmental features

Features included in the building is a 39th-floor skygarden, and a fully gardened top floor of the parking garage, that soak up rainwater. Water that condenses in the building's air-conditioning system is used to irrigate the plants.

Glass fins act as sunshades reduce the building's need for air-conditioning. The 10-foot ceilings (a foot higher than the modern standard) allow in more sunlight, cutting the need for electric lights.


Travel to and from this location can be accessed by onsite and nearby parking, Taxi, Metro, and a Houston METRORail train stop will be located just outside of the lobby and main entrance upon completion of the line.


Each floor is on average 27,000 square feet (2,500 m2) and can hold up to 8 full corner offices.

  • Basement Floor 2: Parking
  • Basement Floor 1: Parking, access to Downtown Houston tunnel system, and a small area for retail space.
  • 1st Floor: Lobby, 1 large and 1 small retail space area, as well as reserved and unreserved parking. Access to the Downtown Houston tunnel system will also be available via an escalator to Basement Floor 1. The 30-foot (9.1 m) high ceilings will extend through Floor 2 and half of Floor 3.
  • Floors 2-10: Parking
  • Floor 11: Garage rooftop garden and premium office space.
  • Floors 12-20: Low rise office space
  • Floor 21: Low to mid transfer
  • Floors 22-33: Mid rise office space
  • Floor 34: Mid to high transfer
  • Floors 35 and 36: High rise office space
  • Floors 37 and 38: Premium loft office space
  • Floors 39-43: Sky Garden and premium office space (not open to the public)
  • Floors 44-46: High rise office space
  • Floors 47 and 48: Mechanical Area

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