Best Western Plus, Hollywood Hills Hotel

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Best Western Plus, Hollywood Hills Hotel

This hotel remodel is not for purists but presents a strategy for celebrating and intensifying the vitality of messy urbanism on a budget. In this case, that means accepting a gritty location, two imperfect, mismatched buildings and a glamorized context. The design approach dissolves the line between graphics and architecture to cost effectively create a fitting identity for its unique location below the “Hollywood” sign and next to the freeway.

The original hotel was built in 1927, expanded in 1970 and incorporated many piecemeal improvements. By 2010 the exterior of the buildings, sidewalks, parking areas and public spaces needed a makeover. The hotel has been a family-run business (since 1949), attracting an ever-changing eclectic clientele that continues to include the famous and the hip as well as Midwestern tourists and locals. Writer Aldous Huxley slept here and the first floor coffee shop was, and still is, the “go to” diner for all hours.

Work included a number of strategic components from mundane maintenance and paving, to a Klieg light mural and coordinated awnings that provide shade and also conceal window AC units. Exterior painting includes a striped beach towel inspired pattern for the renewed pool court. Interior work comprises new offices with lobby and reception spaces featuring the owner’s Hollywood photo memorabilia. A new canopy along with reconfigured parking, landscaping, lighting and signage reorients the main entry away from a busy thoroughfare to a tree lined parking court and guest drop off area.

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