Beppu Tower
Beppu Tower ( 別府タワー , Beppu Tawā ? ) is a 100-metre-tall (328 ft) lattice tower located in Beppu, Ōita, Japan. Initially built to help boost tourism in the area, today the tower is primarily used as TV transmission tower. It has an observation deck at a height of 55 metres (180 ft).

Beppu Tower was built in two years, from 1956 to 57 and was originally planned to open the Beppu Tourism Exhibition, held from March 20 through May 20, 1957. Construction was slightly delayed, however, and the tower was not completed until May 10, ten days before the exhibition ended. Its original name was Sightseeing Center TV Tower ( 観光センターテレビ塔 , Kankō-sentā-terebitō ? ) until 1961 when it was officially changed to Beppu Tower. The tower first displayed advertising for National. Currently, it displays eight neon Asahi signs — four in English, four in Japanese.