Beograđanka (Serbian Cyrillic: Београђанка, literally: the Belgrade Lady), officially Belgrade Palace (Serbian: Палата Београд, Palata Beograd) is a modern high-rise building in downtown Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is 101 m (331 ft) tall.


The construction lasted from 1969 until 1974. The project designer was Branko Pešić, at the time the Mayor of Belgrade. The building was raised in the heart of old city centre, stretching from Terazije to Slavija square, with an emphasized aspiration to dominate with its high 24-story part as the city's reference point.

The building has a restaurant at the top level. However, this has been closed since the 1990s for safety reasons. For a long time the Beograđanka was Belgrade's highest building.


The building is almost completely owned and operated by the City of Belgrade. The first several stories are occupied by the "Beograd" department store; on the other floors offices of Studio B (city-owned TV and radio station) and Košava TV station are located. On the other floors, there are business premises, as well as the head offices of IKEA for Serbia and other Belgrade media are also located in the building. Blic daily still has some offices in Beograđanka although they have moved most of their business to a new building. The ground floor features a Robne kuće Beograd store, while the basement is occupied by Familija supermarkets.


The city of Belgrade plans to remodel the building by cleaning the exterior facade, reconstructing the entry to the building, and even reopening the restaurant on the top floor.


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