Bennett's Courtyard
A sensitive mixed-use development respecting the adjacent listed 17th, 18th and 19th century industrial buildings, consisting of 52 apartments, commercial space and a communal roof garden.

Building Activity

  • aneldebruyn
    aneldebruyn commented
    I used to live here, on the ground floor. The apartments inside are beautiful, stylish and modern. The building has a glass roof atrium that opens up a three storey space to allow natural light to pour in and bounce off the white walls and land on the slate floor... Our flat had high ceilings (which, unfortunately made it hard to keep warm), and our lounge window opened right onto the walkway, which isn't great either - but I'd love to live in one of the higher floors, perhaps looking out over the terrace. The whole building is dead quiet, which is great in London...
    about 7 years ago via iPhone