Beijing International Book Mall

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Beijing International Book Mall
THE BIGGEST BOOKSTORE IN THE WORLD: BEIJING INTERNATIONAL BOOK MALL The Beijing International Book Mall is the main building of the Beijing Publication Logistics Center, which is located in Taihu town, in the east suburbs of Beijing. The Beijing Publication Logistics Center is the biggest one in China with a total area of 300 thousands sqm, including the Book Mall, the biggest book warehouse in Asia, and a set of accessory facilities. For its sales area of 57 thousands sqm, the Beijing International Book Mall will be the biggest bookstore in the word. It includes 500 state-owned publishing houses and 400 private book dealer stands. The Book Mall lies in the northeast of the site. Its name “8 shape building” comes from the diagram used in design to define the space: figure 8. A huge atrium is used to organize four sales areas at different levels. Corridors and steps in the center and end make the whole building into a continuous space, a smooth shape. Project name/ Beijing Publication Logistics Center/Publication exhibition center Location/ Taihu town,Tongzhou district,Beijing,China Client/ Beijing Publication transporting center Co.Ltd Architects/ BIAD strdio Chief Architect/ Shao Weiping Project Architect/ Li Gan Plan Designing/ Li Gan,Liu Yuguang Design Team/ Li Gan,Chen Ying,Su Bo,Li Qiying,Xiao Fan Structural Engineering/ BIAD 4S2 studio:Qi Yue, Zhang Chong. Chang Jianwei, Liu Wei, Zhang Shuo Equipment/ BIAD 4E1 studio:Zhao Wei, Wang Yuchun, Chen Deyue,Sun Daling Site Area/ 241,330sqm(total district) Floor Area /76,300sqm(total district 289,596sqm) Structural Quality/ reinforced concrete frame-shear wall structure Design Period/ 2005-2006 Construction Period/ 2006-2007 Total Cost/700,000,000yuan(total district)


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