Behnam House

Coordinates: 38°04′16.23″N 46°17′39.78″E / 38.071175°N 46.2943833°E / 38.071175; 46.2943833

Behnam House is a historical building in Tabriz, Iran.

The edifice was built during the later part of the Zand dynasty (1750-1794) and the early part of the Qajar dynasty (1781-1925), as a residential house. During the reign of Nasereddin Shah Qajar (1848-1896) this building was substantially renovated and embellished with ornamental paintings. The house consists of a main building, referred to as the Winter Building, and a smaller structure, referred to as the Summer Building. The Winter Building is a two-storyes symmetrical construction standing on a basement. Like many traditional houses in Iran, this house has an inner (اندرونی, andaruni) and an outer (بيرونی, biruni) courtyard, the former being the larger of the two. In the course of a recent renovation project, some hitherto unknown miniature frescoes were discovered in this house which at present are being restored by specialists. The Behnām House is part of the School of Architecture of Tabriz Islamic Art University.

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The Behnām House is located in the city center of Tabriz, Maqsudiyeh Street, behind Tabriz Municipality.

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