Behafarin Commercial and Office building

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Behafarin Commercial and Office building
Behafarin Commercial & office Complex Location: The project site is located at Karim-khan Zand Boulevard on north of Tehran's densely populated down town core. Four decades of rapid development, has changed the Boulevard characteristic value to a northern interchange for down town centre. Consequently, this boundary zone became highly polluted which force the designer, not only to deal with restricted municipal codes and by-laws but also to find applicable solutions for well being of the building occupants. Lot Dimensions: Project lot has a trapezium shape with 44 m long side and an area of 1213 sq .m Building Permissible Area & Power : Four levels of parking 4831 sq. m Three storeys of retail stores 2911 sq. m Office space 5095 sq. m Total permitted building area 12831 sq. m Total power consumption 520 KW Design Objectives: 1. Meet the latest ASHRAE 62.1 standard for acceptable Indoor Air Quality 2. Meet the latest ASHRAE 90.1 Standard for Energy Consumption 3. Use of solar energy as sustainable and re-new able source of energy 4. Design an attractive building which reflect the essence of down town and commercial zone. Solutions: 1. A glass covered roof garden is proposed on the third floor of the building. This horizontal greenery extends vertically through a central void, up to the roof , which form a vertical garden with green walls. Fresh air is taken from top of the building and after passing through different filtering systems enters in third floor garden. The vertical core will be used as a natural ventilation shaft which supply fresh filtered air through the building. 2. Heat recovery system will be used on fresh air conditioning system to reduce the energy consumption. Mater- ial selection for building envelope will be as per ASHRAE 90.1 recommendations. Lighting system will use low consumption bulbs and occupancy sensors for common areas. 3. Solar energy is utilized by two means. First, using solar panels on the south side of the building as window over-hang which not only reduces the solar heat gain but also with the total coverage area of 600 sq. m can generate nearly 18 percent of total electrical power consumption. Second, sun light collectors on the roof, will transfer natural sun light through out interior garden using Fiber Optic Solar Lighting. 4. North side glazed windows reflect the image of Alborz mountains which will be a dominant view of the city in its centre.


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