Beetle’s House
Terunobu Fujimori (sub-titled translation): The recurring theme which I play with in my work is the relationship with the natural world and what human beingsí‚ have created. I go about this by using natural materials, such as trees and soil in the building of my homes and also by using plants within the buildings. The focus of my work relates back to architecture before civilisation. How people originally lived, in their natural environment, which is a key subject ofí‚ my architectural works. I've visited Stonehenge many times and other Neolithic sites, walking around and looking at them.
Abraham Thomas:  so this is where the structure will be, pretty much where that bench is. Very close to the Morlaix Staircase.
Terunobu Fujimori (sub-titled translation):
I want to create a space that we can enjoy away from our everyday lives, a space with a small fire where peopleí‚ can enjoy tea. 


9 photos and 1 drawing