Bedlam Theatre
Bedlam Theatre is a student-run theatre owned by the University of Edinburgh and notable for being the oldest student-run theatre in Britain. It is housed in the former New North Free Church building at the foot of George IV Bridge in Edinburgh; a building which was designed by Thomas Hamilton, an architect involved in the creation of Edinburgh New Town in the city. It is on the site of the old city poorhouse, and its name is taken from the nearby site of the city's first mental health hospital, where the poet Robert Fergusson died. After the building was abandoned by the church in 1937 it was gifted to Edinburgh University. The University used it for various purposes, including a furniture store and a school of nursing. In 1980, the Edinburgh University Theatre Company (EUTC) moved in, the building being converted for their use.

Bedlam Theatre is the oldest student-run theatre in Britain. It is run by a student committee, elected annually. Any member can propose a show for selection by democratic company vote, and all aspects of the production from acting to lighting to taking the tickets are carried out by the student membership. The theatre stages over 40 shows every year. Some are small-scale, one-off lunchtimes performances, while others are larger budget, week-long productions known as Mainterms. The Bedlam is also home to Edinburgh's longest-running improv troupe, the Improverts, who play every Friday. Bedlam is also the central venue of the recently-revived 'FebFest', a festival of new work which incorporates drama, poetry, readings, site-specific performances, story-telling, film, technological pieces and debate taken from all over Scotland. It runs from the end of January to early February.

The EUTC, being a student company based in Edinburgh, has always been involved in the Edinburgh Fringe. Bedlam Theatre opens as Venue 49 each year. Again the theatre is run entirely by students during the Fringe, and has developed a warm and friendly atmosphere with many companies and audience members returning year on year.

Youth Project
Established in 2000, the Bedlam Youth Project (BYP) aims to introduce children to the various disciplines of theatre. It currently liaises with schools and the Edinburgh University student charity Children's Holiday Venture. In 2009 they visited Brussels to help run 'Featlets', a youth theatre subsidiary of the Festival of European Anglophone Theatre Societies (FEATS).