BEC - Barcelona Ecological Center

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BEC - Barcelona Ecological Center

The BEC-Barcelona Ecological Center is a transforming proposal for the future of the Bullfight Plaza “Monumental” in Barcelona.

The proposal concept is a radical change: To convert the bullring in a center for sustainable and environmentally friendly research & leisure with special sensitivity toward animals. Or in other words, to use the potential of all the elements that now exist in the plaza to be turned 180 degrees.

The proposal reuses the existing structure under the grades to locate laboratories and offices of companies demonstrating sensitivity to a sustainable world that could be as international benchmarks such as WWF, Greenpeace and Body Shop and other local companies from Barcelona or Spain.

On top of the grades are located bars and restaurants that offer products from a certified production chain that respects the environment and the animals.
In the center of the square, inspired by the spirit when it opened in 1914 – it is placed the Sports Plaza, with sand sports activities and competitions such as volleyball, beach football or kite skate.

The BEC can be a reference for how to reuse obsolete structures to transform them into centers of activities that generate economic value and quality services for citizens in the heart of a big city like Barcelona becoming a center of respect for sustainability and the natural environment.

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