BcD Residences
Bodrum Peninsula can be claimed to have special place among seaside residentials defeated by increasing coastal invasions because summer tourism became a strong industry since the second half of 80s. “Bodrum House`, taking its mass existence form and occupancy and vacancy rate from conventional building technics and material facilities, even if there isn’t any same kind of building left in this area, is a building type that you can see similar kinds in Mediterranean and Aegean districts. Although production technics reached a new level, it is clear that recent development rules considering the continuance of this typology, couldn’t go any further than being mediocre when it comes to application area. BcD Residences has been composed of 81 housing units total in three different parcel. The artificial topography, designed by loosening the building regulations and strengthening its relation with the place is the distinctive criteria of planning. Another important fact is that all the units benefit from castle and sea view. With the studies done in section, the spaces between the units intended to be transformed into shaded places that takes climate into consideration instead of being unidentified leftover areas. Therefore surprising places enriched by composition of sunken gardens and galleries has been separated for both private and common use. Castle stone, which can be obtained from the region easily, is determined as basic material for both buildings and landscape. With finish details simplified as much as possible, it is predicted to form some kind of continuity at the settlement in general.


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