Bayon Artell office and warehouse

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Bayon Artell office and warehouse
Bayon Artell office and warehouse by DCPP Arquitectos

Mexican architects DCPP Arquitectos have completed a textile warehouse and office building in Mexico City. Completed in 2007 for textile company Bayon Artell, the building features an entrance clad in white stone. The complex is located in south Mexico City, consisting of 4180 square meters. The project is marked by the horizontality of the warehouse. The main idea of the project was to emphasize the entrance of the offices without breaking the language of the existing warehouse. We kept the horizontality and played with the idea of contrast and movement by creating an element that appears to be floating. This element its separated from the building and covered with a white stone, in contrast with the wall of the warehouse which is painted grey. We gave more importance to the entrance by locating the showroom as part of this floating element. We created a patio that not only organizes the space but its also gives natural light to the offices.


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