Base Borden Military Museum

Base Borden Military Museum is a military museum located on the grounds of CFB Borden, in Borden, Ontario, Canada. Combining four separate museums, it has numerous items, equipment and vehicles from all eras of Canadian military history, including a large number of historic armored vehicles and aircraft displayed outside in the Major-General F. F. Worthington Memorial Park and around the base.

The museum is located about 100 km north of Toronto, Ontario. The museum, which combines all the separate museums at the base, was established in the 1990s.

In June 2007 a new main building for the museum complex was opened, with a large hangar for the display of historic military vehicles. The museum complex consists of several buildings and a memorial park.

The Museum is affiliated with: CMA, CHIN, OMMC and Virtual Museum of Canada.

  • Canadian CF-101 Voodoo interceptor

  • Canadian CF-116 fighter

  • Canadian Ram tank

  • German Hetzer tank destroyer

  • Crab flail tank

  • Canadian Leopard C1 tank

  • Soviet T-72 tank

  • German Pak 36(r) antitank gun

  • 47mm hotchkiss

  • 47mm hotchkiss

  • 47mm hotchkiss

  • Whippet Tank


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