Barrow Hill Engine Shed
Barrow Hill Roundhouse & Railway Centre, until 1948 known as Staveley Roundhouse & Train Centre, is a former Midland Railway roundhouse in Barrow Hill, near Staveley and Chesterfield, Derbyshire ( grid reference SK413754 ).

Staveley Roundhouse was built to a standard Midland square shed design in 1870. After 1948 it became known as Barrow Hill so as not to confuse it with the ex- Great Central shed nearby. It was operational from 1870 until 9 February 1991. After becoming a listed building and following extensive renovation, the entire engine roundhouse, depot, yard, sidings and associated railway lines were all re-opened between 1989 and 1998. Ten years later it had become the home to many preserved British railway locomotives. Recent Projects include rebuilding the former Pinxton signal box at the site.

Last movements onto/off shed.
The last locomotives to use the shed on its final day of operation were four diesels. Class 58, number 58016 came on shed at 11:00. Class 58, number 58027 came on shed at 11:30 and coupled up to 58016. Both Class 58's left for Worksop at 11:40. Class 20, numbers 20197 and 20073 arrived on shed at 12:00. Both Class 20 locomotives left for Worksop at 12:10, driven by driver Bob Hill.

Note: only preserved locomotives are listed below. There are also various locomotives either stored or under repair, which are owned by mainline operating companies.
  • Steam locomotives
    • LNER 4-6-2 LNER Peppercorn Class A2 no. LNER A2 Class 60532 Blue Peter. Undergoing overhaul, planned to operate at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway once finished.
    • GER Class G58 (LNER Class J17) 0-6-0 no. 8217. On loan from the National Railway Museum.
    • LNER 4-6-0 LNER Thompson Class B1 no. 61264. Currently under overhaul, boiler at Crewe Heritage Centre.
    • BR 4-6-2 Class 7P no. 70000 "Britannia". Undergoing restoration which is being done at Crewe Heritage Centre
    • GCR Class 11F (LNER Class D11) 4-4-0 No. 506 "Butler Henderson". On static display.
    • MR 1377 Class 0-6-0T No 41708. On static display.
    • Peckett and Sons 0-4-0T No 2491 "Henry". On static display.
    • Manning Wardle 0-6-0T "Welshman". Awaiting restoration.
    • Manning Wardle 0-6-0T "Y/E No9". Undergoing restoration.
    • LMS 4-6-0 Class 5MT Black Five no. 45110 - BR black - This locomotive occasionally carries the post-preservation name R.A.F Biggin Hill. On static display at Barrow Hill Roundhouse for under cover storage, due to stay for at least two years on loan from the Severn Valley Railway.
  • Diesel locomotives
    • BR 0-4-0 Class 02 nos. D2853 and D2868
    • BR 0-6-0 Class 03 no. 03066
    • BR 0-6-0 Class 04 no. D2302
    • BR 0-6-0 Class 08 no. D3000
    • BR 0-6-0 Class 10 no. D4092
    • BR Bo-Bo Class 26 nos. 26007 and 26011
    • BR Bo-Bo Class 33 no. 33035
    • BR Co-Co Class 37 no. 37275
    • BR 1Co-Co1 Class 40 no. D213
    • BR 1Co-Co1 Class 45 nos. 45060 and 45105
    • BR Co-Co Class 55 nos. D9009, D9015 and 55019
  • Electric locomotives
    • BR Bo-Bo Class 81 no. 81002
    • BR Bo-Bo Class 82 no. 82008
    • BR Bo-Bo Class 83 no. E3035
    • BR Bo-Bo Class 84 no. 84001
    • BR Bo-Bo Class 85 no. 85101
    • BR Co-Co Class 89 no. 89001

As well as the main round house building Barrow Hill is also home to the former Pinxton Signal box. It has be relocated, refurbished and fitted out as it was the day it closed.

Building Activity

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