Barcelo Temporary Market
This temporary market located in Madrid Spain has recently been completed by Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos.

The temporary market is just one of the new additions to the surrounding areas development, which includes a new shopping centre, sports centre, public library, car parks, and public outdoor area.

During the construction work of neighbouring buildings and facilities the market is intended to act as an urban facility which can be removed and recycled once it is no longer needed.

The temporary market is divided up in to six pentagonal shaped floor areas, each housing a differing number of stalls and outlets.

Each polygonal market area has been designed with differing heights, dimensions, and floor layouts in a response to the proportions of the surrounding buildings.

The exterior facade of the building is glazed in an opaque polycarbonate allowing natural light to filter in to the markets polygonal cylinders during the day, and at night transforms the market in to  huge lanterns lighting up the square.

Once construction work of the market’s surrounding development has reached completion the cylinders have been designed so as they can be taken down and relocated to an alternative location in Madrid.



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