Banya "The roof of the World"
Banya (Russian sauna) “The roof of the world`. The true Height is measured not in metres above the sea level, but in a distance to the sun. This building with a transparent roof soaring over it reduces the distance to a minimum, transferring inhabitants to pleasure tops. Architectural bureau pecializes on design and building of objects from timber. It always individual projects: architects, without relying on unknown carpenters, have organized own manufacture based on a combination of modern technologies and carpentry. Architectural design, chop and hand assembling make our houses unique. Banya, the area of 98 sq.m. and 100 sq.m of the open desk located in Moscow suburbs. The project focused on traditional Russian wood architecture. However this orientation is expressed not in imitation known samples of wooden monuments of the North of Russia and not in style “a-lja-rus`. It is the real Russian banya with the firewood furnace, “old` windows and the traditional "cold" roof, chop of cedar-pine half timbers. It is absolutely modern thing sustained in the spirit of ecological minimalism. This is underlines with connection of a wooden body with system of the facade glazing. The seating room with fireplace consists of two parts - half timber walls and the facade glazing system. For independent work of different materials designed special connections of the timber walls and the metal frame of the facade glazing. The metal frame leans directly on a concrete foundation slab. The particular interest is represented by fillings of non-standard horizontal long and narrow windows in wash-room. Experts have made according to measurements of 14 individual window blocks, four of them are 4,5m. long. The same double-glazed window provides with natural light the steam room.


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