Bang & Olufsen's Headquarters

Bang & Olufsen Denmark - Building PR from KHR:

Completed Aug 1998

Bang & Olufsen Headquarters

Bang & Olufsen's main building in Struer is anchored in the landscape, where the design and production company has its identity. The building was inaugurated in 1998 and is to be experienced as a large showroom for Bang & Olufsen's company culture and production.

The building evokes associations of Bang & Olufsen's products in continuous variations between lightness and heaviness, supporting and bearing, translucent and transparent.

The interior is experienced in relation to the surrounding landscape, reflected by the sky light in a physical spatial juxtaposition which unites exterior and interior visually. The framework of a dynamic working environment which breaks down the hierarchic room division with a deliberate choice of not having interior walls and doors. Spatial experiences are with changing directions and variation among the materials.

The aimed at dynamics, which manifests itself in the openness and visual accessibility of the building, initiate a conscious decision regarding the users' needs for individual private spheres in spatial intimacies. This is expressed in the spatial formation, the detailed elaboration of the facades together with the sculptural heaviness, which is brought forward by the design of the furniture.

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