Bandinelli Palace

Palazzo Bandinelli (Ukrainian: Палац Бандінеллі, Polish: kamienica Bandinellich we Lwowie) is a late Renaissance townhouse (kamienica) facing Market Square in Lviv, Ukraine. It was built in 1589 by a pharmacist Jarosz Wedelski, and in 1634 it was bought by a Florentine merchant, Roberto Bandinelli, known as the founder of the first post office in eastern Galicia. That office was housed in the building from 1629 onward, and was closed in a few years when the business became unprifitable.

The house was considerably renovated in 1737-1739. In the 19th century Palazzo Bandinelli was used as a bookshop and a meeting place for the local literati. Poet Kornel Ujejski lodged here. The Soviet authorities gave the house to the Lviv Historical Museum which had the building thoroughly repaired and restored.

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