Bamboo Wings
Bamboo Wings At present, our mother earth is in serious crisises including political crisis, economic crisis and environmental crisis. Political and economic crisis have their own cycles of going up and down while environmental crisis will last forever. We will never un-do what we have done to harm the nature. Many countries, especially Asian countries, currently have tried very hard for developing in a big competition. As a consequence, there are two sides to everything, they are destroying its nature and culture. Vietnam is not exceptional. As a developing country at 5?6% rate (GDP) even in the current world economic crisis, it also contributes to the world’s climate change. Now, it's really a time for us to re-evaluate the value of natural material. We can say that the most available natural resources is bamboo. Bamboo grows very fast and ranges all over the world. It is no doubt that the efficient usage of bamboo will contribute to the ecology improvement. More and more projects have been built recently around the world is the answer for this. The aim of this project is to find the possibilities of the space with bamboo and bamboo itself. The site is surrounded by nature, pond and greenery, located nearby Hanoi. We use bamboo not only as a finishing material but also as a structural material. This is the pure bamboo structure, not using steel or other wooden materials as a structure. This unique structure, flying over the sky as bird’s wings, enables to realize the spacious free space with no column at all. And this free space meets the function of this culture center which is going to hold fashion shows, music lives, congresses as well as conferences. This is our achievement not only in terms of the bamboo structure but also creating a new trend for a new ecological materials- which is available in the nature. A question was raised: for those projects that are not necessarry to use concrete why do not we use Bamboo to help building a green earth for our living? The shape of the roof as bird’s wings is suitable to take the wind inside the building, which also contributes to the ecology as minimizing the usage of air conditioner. And its deep eaves help people inside to feel as if they are living in the nature. We hope that our trial through this project could be some of the help for the ecology improvement for our future…


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