Bamboo Pavilion in Shanghai Expo 2010

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Bamboo Pavilion in Shanghai Expo 2010

This is the Vietnamese Pavilion for the world Expo Shanghai 2010. The Expo bureau prepared us a simple-white-volume building like a factory for our pavilion. We had to renovate the original building to the Vietnamese Pavilion according to the theme of the World Expo, "Better city, better life". We designed the outside wall to be like a river, wrapping with wavy-shaped bamboo louvers which helps to reduce the amount of the heat from the sun light. And inside the building, we designed the space to be like a forest, erecting lots of bamboo structural columns. So important, the material for this pavilion is solely bamboo for three reasons: The 1st reason is that bamboo is the ecological material. It is local and easy to find in all the South Asian countries and its rapid growth helps reducing construction energy such as concrete producing energy, steel refinement energy, etc. This minimizes construction waste after service-time. Furthermore, the demand of bamboo will stimulate the economy of rural areas. The 2nd reason is that bamboo is both traditional and modern material. It is familiar to Vietnamese people in traditional buildings long time ago. On the other hand, bamboo is very difficult material to use in modern buildings because it is uneven-material not like concrete or steel which are the representatives of the 20 century. But the latest technology enabled us to use these natural and characteristic materials. And 3rd reason is that bamboo is the re-useable material. We can easily dismantle all the bamboo and assemble in another place. After 6 months usage as the Vietnamese pavilion, we’re going to re-use all the bamboo for welfare and school buildings. Living in harmony with the Mother Nature, respecting water, light and wind has become the essence of Vietnamese culture. This pavilion represents well the spirit of Vietnamese culture using the sustainable material; bamboo. Hence, Our proposition is "better city, better life with nature". Nowadays, there occurs lots of calamity all over the world. In Vietnam, we are suffering from the climate changes, with a harmful rise in the sea level and in average surface temperature. Flood frequently strikes many regions, not only in Mekong Delta but also in Hanoi capital. The World Expo Shanghai 2010 is very meaningful event for the world to think about the Mother Earth altogether. We hope that our proposition could stimulate the discussion among "Better city, better life" and also hope that somebody who visits our pavilion could find some hints to improve their city and life.


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