Balgarska Armiya Stadium

Bulgarian Army Stadium (Bulgarian: Стадион „Българска армия“, translated as Stadium of the Bulgarian Army) is the club stadium of the Bulgarian football club CSKA Sofia. It is situated in the Borisova Gradina (Boris's Park), in the centre of Sofia. The stadium has four sectors and a total of 22,015 seats, of which 2,100 are covered. The pitch length is 106 meters and the width 66 meters. The capacity of the stadium is divided in four sectors:

  • Sector A- 6417 seats
  • Sector B- 4889 seats
  • Sector V- 5689 seats
  • Sector G- 5020 seats
  • The sport complex also includes tennis courts, a basketball court and gymnastics facilities, as well the CSKA Sofia glory museum. The press conference room has 80 seats.
  • The stadium was built in the period between 1965-1967 at the old ground of AS’23 and it was subsequently reconstructed in 1982, which included the introduction of floodlights. From 1923 until 1944, the stadium was called “AS’23”, from 1944 until 1949 “Chavdar”, from 1949 until 1990 “People’s Army” and from 1990 until now is called Balgarska Armia Stadium (Stadium of the Bulgarian Army). In 2000, the stadium was equipped with a new sound surround system “Dynacord” – of 48 kilowatts, giving 107 decibels. The electric lighting is also one of the last generations and is lighting a point on the pitch with 2100 Lux.
Recent issues

In 2009, the new owners of the club announced an ambitious project for a new stadium in the place of the current, which construction will start only if CSKA Sofia qualifies for the 2009/10 group stages of the UEFA Europa League.

On October 13, 2009, it was confirmed by the owners that the construction of the new stadium will start on February 1, 2010. The current Bulgarian Army Stadium will be demolished, so that it can make place for the new 30,000 all-seater modern venue. However, the construction didn't start, because the negotiations between the owners and the Ministry of Sport fell through.The owners of the club reconstructed some parts of the stadium and it received license for the Bulgarian A Group.On 20.04.2011 CSKA returned playing on Bulgarska Armiya in a Cup match against Litex Lovech and won 2-1.

Building Activity

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