Balaclava railway station, Melbourne

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Balaclava is a railway station in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located in the suburb of Balaclava, on the Sandringham railway line. Balaclava is classed as a Host Station and is in Metcard Zone 1. In 2010 around 3100 passengers used the station each weekday.

Balaclava is located above the Carlisle Street rail overpass, which provides station access. Underneath the station on Carlisle Street are tram routes 3 and 16. The station consists of two elevated side platforms; Platform 1 has a large pebblemix building, while platform 2 has a smaller pebblemix building. A large Metcard ticket vending machine is located at the entrance to platform 1, which is able to dispense most ticketing options available and also accept notes and coins. A small coin-only Metcard ticket vending machine is located at the entrance to platform 2, as well as at the entrance to platform 1.

Platforms and services
Platform 1:
  • Sandringham line - all stations services to Flinders Street
Platform 2:
  • Sandringham line - all stations services to Sandringham

Balaclava station opened on 19 December 1859. In 1981 the station buildings were reconstructed. In 1996 two men found $200,000 in a drum buried beneath one of the platforms. They handed it into the police and the find was reported in the media. In the same week another man found a second drum under the platform containing a similar quantity of money, which he also turned into the police. As no one claimed the money, both men were granted ownership of the money they found, despite being considered trespassers on land owned by the Public Transport Corporation. In September 2010 it was announced that under a re-elected Brumby government, Balaclava would be made a premium station, with $13.3 million to be spent on rebuilding works, with new lifts and stairs replacing the ramps between Carlisle Street and the platforms. The works will start in 2011 and will be complete by 2013. But since the liberals won the election, this promise has since been scrapped.

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