Bahria Paradise - Commercial Office Building

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Bahria Paradise - Commercial Office Building
Conceived and designed by Impact Design International in association with its associated office AFM Architects in Kuala Lumpur, the Bahria Paradise is envisaged to be Pakistan’s first ever fully integrated, world class gated community, Paradise will be the pioneer in promoting the concept of new urbanism in Pakistan. The designed office towers within the master plan stand as a testament to this concept, where multifarious business’s become symbols of a dynamic and fast moving international force that boasts state o the art facilities lined by “smart design”. Integrated systems and a great deal of attention have been paid to the energy efficiency of the towers, for example the double skin façade that facilitates natural ventilation while acting as a sound barrier. A pumping system makes use of an aquifer located 120meters under the building to provide hot/cold thermal storage, Successive stores within the building intermingle and offer glimpses from one to another. Transparency, innovation, eco friendliness and easy access to mixed use facilities were the main starting points for the design. Business Centers, relaxing Spa’s & Health Clubs, Networking Bars and Café’s are a few of the amenities available to urban professionals. Conceptualized as the largest mixed use development, that integrates commercial, office, retail, hospitality and residential amenities into one whole, Paradise once completed will be one of it’s kind in Pakistan. The urban and architectural design of this project is the result of two years of close consultation between the Architect, the developer and numerous surveys conducted amongst targeted users. Set apart from the main City, the community has a billowing exterior appearance .Despite its linear material fabrication of concrete and glass curtain walls, the overall form has intentionally been kept sinuous endeavoring to move in rhythm to the curves of the hilly terrains nearby. The varying heights of the different components, the buildings are intended to integrate themselves gently into the existing environment. Within the main corporate and commercial zone, easy and open ground levels remain easily accessible to the overall community and serve to underline the pivotal role of the complex within the urban pattern. Thermally conducive suspended bridges act as transport branches between the different amenities. The main shopping mall consists of a double layered skin that is digitally conceived and designed for better interior weather protection and stands out as an iconic design element. The Lake front upon which the community lies, offers picturesque and extended views to residents, offices, retailers and shoppers. Moreover, pedestrian hubs and user friendly landscaped pockets are thoughtfully integrated within the overall master plan to enhance and promote social intermingling, chaos and complexity within an otherwise ordered plan. Once launched, Bahria Paradise stands to be a tour de France for Pakistan’s Development sector.


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