Baharestan (Persian: بهارستان ) is the name given to the historic Iranian parliament (majlis) building, inaugurated in 1906 (see: Iranian Constitutional Revolution). It was adopted from the name of the neighborhood and a small palace that adorned the place.

The Baharestan remained the location for the lower chamber of the Iranian Parliament (the Senate had moved to a new building in central Tehran) until the Iranian Revolution (1979). After the revolution, the parliament became unicameral and met at the Senate building, and in 2004 to a newly built building in Baharestan.

On June 24, 2009 it was the site of bloody protests between the Iranian people's Pro-Democracy movement and Basij paramilitary forces. Suggestions of brutality by government forces, including throwing protestors off a pedestrian bridge and attacking them with axes have been reported.

Coordinates: 32°30′N 51°48′E / 32.5°N 51.8°E / 32.5; 51.8

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