Baghdad Medical City formerly known as Saddam Medical City (مدينة الطب ) is a complex of several teaching hospitals in Bab Al-Moatham, Baghdad, Iraq

The Medical City includes the Baghdad University College of Medicine. The largest hospital in the complex is the Surgical Specialties Hospital built in 1980. The second largest is the Baghdad Teaching Hospital, built in the early 1970s, which contains the out patient clinics and the emergency department. The complex has over a thousand beds for patients, collectively it is run by Baghdad Medical City.

  • Baghdad Teaching Hospital
  • Surgical Specialties Hospital (also includes Iraqi Center for Cardiac Diseases, Toxicology Center and Kidney Transplant Center)
  • Private Nursing Home Hospital
  • Child Potection Teaching Hospital (also includes Bone Marrow Transplant Center)
  • Medical City Department
  • Central Laboratories
  • institute of radiology
  • Pasteur Institute
  • Tuberculosis Health Center (TB and Chest Institute)
  • National Center for Blood Transfusion
  • Gastroenterology & Hepatology center.
  • Police Department