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 “This state of the art blood processing facility reflects Australian Red Cross Blood Services’ investment in their people and the highly technical processes needed to guarantee a reliable blood service.”
Bill Dowzer, BVN Principal

“I am incredibly proud of the result, as it really is a world class blood processing centre and we are already receiving interest from other international blood service providers wishing to learn from our expertise.”
James Bargh, Project Director, Australian Red Cross Blood Service

This $72M purpose-built facility represents a significant investment in the processing of blood and blood products, distribution, blood testing and tissue typing, and will provide research laboratories, warehousing, ancillary office/administration and staff amenities for the NSW branch of the Blood Service.

Across four levels and 13,577m2, the building incorporates 5,830m2 of PC2 labs and process areas, 600m2 clean storage, open plan office accommodation and a 97 bay basement car park. The basis of the design was to ensure the building would be stable and fit for use for up to 4 days in a level 4 event on a 42 deg ambient temperature day with high humidity, and with a year 2031 population.

Complex by its function this project has added complexity of the fit out being designed as the base building was being constructed to satisfy the accelerated programme. The collaboration required to successfully complete this task was only possible by creating a collaborative contractual arrangement.

Buildcorp had 20 staff onsite, and the majority of the time 235 or more in the subcontractor workforce, with 2,250 trades people inducted overall.

Fit out to the Blood Service specifications included installing and commissioning the -35 deg freezers and 2-6 deg fridges used for blood products. The freezers needed to be ‘pulled down’ to operating temperature over a 10 to 15 days period to stop the internal slab from cracking. Successfully managing this level of painstaking detail shows Buildcorp’s outstanding ability to meet demanding specifications.

Relentless testing and checking regimes, constantly integrating new information client-driven design modifications added extra challenges to this job.

Contaminants including dust were avoided where possible. In selection of materials, the VOC values were considered on all products prior to them coming to site; dust was controlled on site by using cutting booths and prefabrication where possible.

There is no appropriate rating for this type of facility under the Green Councils guidelines, however the design tool was used to assess the site and the fundamental building materials. Good building practices have been followed, such as reuse of the waste testing water, solar hot water to the office areas and reclaimed hot water through the HVAC to the non potable hot water in the labs.

The project has been run in a team environment focusing on the required outcome of the Blood Service, and all members have been equally diligent in that process, from the 81 direct consultants, 2,250 trades people inducted to upper management.

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