As part of a team consisting of Friis & Moltke, TKT, Cowi, Rambøll Danmark, SLA Landscape and NNE Pharmaplan Henning Larsen Architects named their proposal Aurora – as a symbol of renewed hope and a new beginning.

Aurora is built around a circular complex, inviting the day-to-day users into a holistic and impeccable universe. The human scale supports the conception of the hospital as ‘the good host’ – a place where patients and visitors can easily find their way and feel at home. When approaching Aurora, you are met by an inviting and recognisable urban scale, where the complex is divided into varied units with each their clear entrance and reception area.

The individual is in focus in the circular city structure whose ground plan meets the requirements for a highly efficient, flexible and future-proof hospital and at the same time meets the employees, patients and other users at eyelevel and with a high degree of respect.

The competing consortium Medic OUH won the competition. The first phase of the hospital is expected to be complete in 2018.

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