Auditorium Parco della Musica

Auditorium Parco della Musica
Parco della Musica is a large multi-function public music complex to the north of Rome in the area where the 1960 Olympics were staged. 

Three large concert halls are structurally separated to insure soundproofing, though joined at the base by a continuous lobby. A fourth concert hall is the open air theater recalling Greco-Roman theaters. The fan shaped layout is formed around the central piazza. The blobs, beetles, scarabs, turtles, insect carapaces, computer mice--all are names given to these structures with thin red Roman brick and weighty dramatic lead roofs.

This Roman-inspired theater connects the three "music boxes" in a fan shape. It can seat an audience of about 3000 people.

The Roman ruins
Although Piano won the competition for the design of the concert halls in the early 1990s, construction was halted once archaeological remains of a 4th century Roman villa were discovered. The original project was altered so that the ruins could be viewed on site and a small glass-enclosed museum with the unearthed artifacts was located between two of the halls.


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