Atlantic Terminal Mall
Atlantic Terminal is a shopping mall located on Atlantic Avenue surrounded by Hanson Place, Fort Greene Place and Flatbush Avenue in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, New York. It is located across the street from the older Atlantic Center Mall (via a small enclosed bridge from Target) which was developed by the same real estate company, Forest City Enterprises. It is also an office building and part of the ticket office of the Long Island Rail Road's Atlantic Terminal. Parts of Atlantic Center Mall were also renovated to complement the new mall.

Layout & anchors
The mall has five floors, which have been criticized as awkwardly arranged around several cramped cul-de-sac lobbies that do not provide an intuitive traffic flow or an easy, multi-level connection to its sister shopping mall across the street, owned by the same developer. Unless they know of a "hidden" pedestrian bridge on the top floor, reached only through the Target store, shoppers must return to street level to continue shopping in the adjacent Atlantic Center mall, just across the street. The lower levels consist of the LIRR and New York City Subway (technically in the basement). Upper floors feature anchor stores like Victoria's Secret, Men's Wearhouse, Chuck E. Cheeses, Bath & Body Works, The Children's Place, and most notably Target. Two Starbucks locations are located on the property, one located inside Target while the other is in the ticket office area of the LIRR Atlantic Terminal. This is one of the few multi-level "Urban" Target department stores. To accommodate the multi-level design it utilizes escalators, elevators and a Vermaport, a specialized escalator for shopping carts.


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