Astarte Suites Santorini

Astarte Suites Boutique Hotel started its operation in 2005 in Santorini island, Greece. Even though it comprises only nine suites, it took six years to complete the project. The main reason was the location of the property.  Built in one of the islands most beautiful areas, Astarte Suites Boutique Hotel sets on a dramatic cliff, which made the use of heavy machinery impossible. Everything was made by hand, giving us the opportunity to focus in every detail of the construction. 


Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands worldwide, and its beauty is natural. Based on this, Astarte Suites Boutique Hotel  eco-friendly characteristics are indentified from its construction materials till its décor.

Black and Red Lava stones found after the Volcano eruption were carefully handcrafted and been placed at the walls offering to the guests the captivating impression of not just overlooking the volcano but also encompassing the "Myth of Atlantis".

Santorini island is considered to be among the Top 10 Wedding & Honeymoon Destinations worldwide. Therefore, this family run business was named after goddess Astarte (Aphrodite) known throughout the Eastern Mediterranean from the Bronze Age to Classical times and connected with fertility and sexuality.

Even though the hotel operates for just five years, it has been featured as suggested place to stay in Financial Times, NY Times and Conde Nast Traveler, while on 2007 becomes member of Boutique Hotels & Resorts International. 


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