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Association of Turkish Notaries
ASSOCIATION OF TURKISH NOTARIES BUILDING The Turkish Notaries Building Project was the winning proposal of a national competition held by the Chamber of Turkish Architects in 2003. In 2006, the management board of Turkish Association of Notaries approved the project and the construction began in early 2008. After 18 months the construction period, on May 5th, 2009 the building is opened by the Turkish Prime Minister as the new Turkish Association of Notaries Building. The building is located in a main business and shopping district of Ankara, Turkey. The programme of the building consists of office space, a conference hall with multiple meeting rooms and an exhibition hall connected with a restaurant and a cafeteria. The building has a plan scheme with a courtyard. There are 5 floors above ground level and 3 floors below ground level. DESIGN PHILOSOPHY The building is designed to challenge the contemporary architectural problem of making the user feel the integrity of natural values with artificial environment and interior spaces with exterior surroundings. One of the main design intentions is to offer a “communication medium` for users. The relation of interior and exterior spaces has shaped the communication between the notaries and the community, as well as strengthening the relation between the members of notaries by creating socialized working space. The plan scheme of the building helped to isolate the unfavorable effects (the building neighbours 2 main streets and a car service center) of the surrounding environment, but, at the same time providing openings to the important axis of approaching and existing greenery on the south façade with an inviting gesture. Especially, on the ground level, the recessed curved- wall directing to main entrance and a transparent entrance with an exhibition hall enrich the urban life experience. Building with a courtyard referring to a caravanserai is an interpretation of cultural heritage of Anatolia to a contemporary modern work environment. The Courtyard is one of the main elements of design concept. It is designed to make users feel the changing effects of light and sky with dynamic geometries and material preference. Atrium of the building is another important element of design connecting the exterior and winter garden. Atrium forms an integrated space with the foyer of conference hall, exhibition hall, the bridges and the galleries. It is a transition space and it is aiming to provide visual and functional steps between social and working spaces defined by the building programme. The offerings of these spaces will help to achieve a highly productive and motivating working environment. At the end of the process of building which started with a competition, the building carries out its expected social duty by offering users a contemporary social space, a motivating working place and makes them to feel the conceptual meanings of cultural heritage, nature, transparency and participation. Besides having a value in itself, the building also, adds a whole new dimension and social core to its developing perimeter. ASSOCIATION OF TURKISH NOTARIES BUILDING Gross Area : 20.595 m2 Gross Above Ground : 10.235 m2 Gross Below Ground : 12.830 m2 Site Area : 6.871 m2 Courtyard : 2.155 m2 Landscape : 4.840 m2


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