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Facing the place. The project is located in the city of Loja, Ecuador in Estancia urban North, a place that allows us to keep in touch with the city and the natural landscape, the property is located in the upper part of this development, with a potential on visual immediate and distant landscape of the city. The project is governed by the following premises: The location, terrain, housing and spatial organization. The land has a positive slope between 35% - 40% the decision was made to work decks, to locate houses in the higher level neighbors front, with an implant-full-empty vacuum. Decisions should enhance the features of the site architecture and landscape. With these characteristics in the field, and a guideline seek efficiency in the formation of walls, slopes, terraces, understanding that the draft should not become a visual barrier between the forest and the city. Housing The house had to respond to, we have an area of 18.00 m from the front for three private homes, we decided to face the structure with reinforced concrete frames of 6.00 mt x 4.50 mt.Configuring in this way three independent grounds. The location of the server space will be at one side of the house and have a single wall wet this with the purpose of controlling the most efficient energy consumption. The location of the generic amount of housing space and the movement is a constant change of visual direction, a change that would allow us to have the relationship of architecture with landscape. Consequently, the spatial relationships with the implementation of the systems defines the project, producing a home that is played, creating a row. After several setup procedures of the program in the dwelling unit decided to organize the space into two levels and the use of furniture, furniture that at one point can be removed and generate other use, so we define to have two types of furniture: the permanent and the non-permanent, permanent within the bathrooms, kitchen and the stands which is located between the two frames of 6.00 mt x 4.50 mt that make up the house. All decisions were completed in: 1. An outer covering, of reinforced concrete frames with brick partition mambron, coverage that defines the independence, the special enclosure. 2. An area set up with furniture. 3. Diversity. 4.A home that combines its boundaries between forest and city. 5. Extender internal spaces outside. 6. To think that is a quality home and can be repeated.


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