Askøy Bridge

The Askøy Bridge (Norwegian: Askøybrua) is a suspension bridge that crosses the fjord of Byfjorden between the city of Bergen and Askøy in Hordaland county, Norway. Opened in December 1992, it has the longest bridge span in Norway. The bridge is 1057 metres long, with a main span of 850 metres. The maximum clearance to the sea is 62 metres. In total, the bridge has 7 spans, and was a toll bridge until November 18, 2006.


Plans for a bridge between Askøy and the Bergen peninsula date back to the 1960s. The project was first brought up for the Askøy municipality council in 1960, and the final construction plans were approved in 1966. In 1974, the turnpike company Askøybrua AS was founded. In 1977, the Hordaland county council endorsed the bridge project, including it in the plans for a motorway to outer Laksevåg. A toll for the construction of the bridge was introduced on the ferries between Askøy and Bergen in 1983. The decision to build the Askøy Bridge was voted through the Norwegian parliament, Stortinget, on December 9, 1987. The decision was made unanimously, although the Socialist Left Party and the Progress Party demanded that there would be no further exaction of toll money off the bridge. The manufacturing contract for the suspender cables for the bridge was given to the German company Thyssen AG.

The construction of the Askøy Bridge commenced April 24, 1989. The northern and southern towers were done in August and December, respectively, that year. The first suspender cable was installed in July 1991, followed by a temporary catwalk between the bridge towers. Finally, in March 1992, the first prefabricated section of the bridge deck was lifted into position. As the bridge was nearing completion, it became apparent that an earlier opening than the foreseen April 1993 was possible, and the opening date was advanced to December 1992. Ultimately, the Askøy Bridge was opened December 12, 1992, in presence of Minister of Transport and Communications Kjell Opseth and a thousand spectators. At the time of opening, the Askøy Bridge was the largest suspension bridge in the Nordic countries, although it has since been passed by the Höga Kusten Bridge in Sweden and the Great Belt Fixed Link, a Danish bridge. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration finally set the toll to 100 NOK for automobiles, against the wishes of the municipality council of Askøy, which had initially decided upon a toll of 87 NOK.

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