Ashcombe House, Somerset
Not to be confused with the Ashcombe House in Wiltshire occupied by Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Ashcombe House at Swainswick, north-east of Bath in Somerset, England is a Gothic revival country house. It is a Grade II listed building. Ashcombe House stands on the slopes of the Lam Valley in 25 acres (100,000 m 2) of grounds. It dates from the early nineteenth century, and was altered in the late nineteenth century. It started life as a hunting lodge, and there are the remains of the former kennels in the grounds. The 1900 1:10,560 scale (6 inch) Ordnance Survey map shows the building was known at that time as Ashcombe Farm, with Ashcombe Wood lying to the north-east of it. The house has a rear wing constructed from a converted coach house and stables, and has nine bedrooms and six reception rooms, including a Georgian ballroom. The house was on the market in 2003 for £1.6 million. Ashcombe House was the family home of singer Peter Gabriel from 1978-1987. Gabriel recorded his 1982 album Peter Gabriel , commonly known as 4 (or as Security in the US), in his recording studio in a barn on the estate, as well as the soundtrack for the film Birdy , which he recorded between October and December 1984. The track My Secret Place from the Joni Mitchell album Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm was also recorded at Gabriel's studios at Ashcombe House in 1986.


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    I lived there from 1971-74 along with about 10 other students. It was great place to live. We'd have big dinner parties having collected firewood from the surrounding woodland for the big open fire place. Before I arrived they had a party with a jazz band on the "lawn" and you can see the remains of the spit for a hog roast. One friend went on to be UK ambassador to Turkmenistan. The big guy on the right used to practice putting the shot on that lawn. The landlady Rosie Beech was always suprising with new tennants and it wasn't always clear which rooms she expected them to occupy.
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