Arto Tolsa Areena
Arto Tolsa Areena is a football stadium in Kotka, Finland. It is the home stadium of KTP and FC KooTeePee. The stadium holds 4,780 and was inaugurated in 1952 for the Helsinki Olympics. The stadium's record attendance was made during the Olympic Games in the football match between the Soviet Union and Bulgaria, the score having been 2”“1 a.e.t.. Depending on the source, the record is 10,000, , or 10,637 or 10,950. Arto Tolsa Areena was previously known as "Urheilukeskus" ("Sports Center" in Finnish). It got its current name after it was renovated around the turn of millennium. The current name comes from Arto Tolsa, who was a legendary Finnish player of Kotkan Työväen Palloilijat, the predecessor of FC KooTeePee. The covered main stand holds 2,500 spectators. The size of the pitch is 105 * 65 metres. The power of the lighting system is 1200 lux. The fans in Kotka are known to be loud and fanatic about their team, which creates a special atmosphere in home matches

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