Artificial Landscape

A response to the multiple extreme stresses

The project is developed at the 4th Festival of Lively Architecture in Montpellier.
Due to the limited budget and technical constraints related to the very short installation time, we have concentrated on the material and its implementation.
We offer an installation layer sheets of corrugated material cheap and easy to treat.The shape of cut is such that there are no falls, the entire amount of cardboard will be used for installation.
The assembly of the installation is very simple, pre-cut sheets are stacked together without use of glue in order to expedite the process and facilitate dismantling. The stability of the system will be achieved by its own weight.

Artificial landscape creating a new use of space

Explore the existing and transcribed in a new language appears to be particularly interesting to start thinking about the close link between historical elements ccohabitants in the same space-time.
A foreign object is inserted into the court chooses. You can enter, leave, go around it.
It is an artificial landscape in which we create an alternative route, changing the morphology of the court.

Description by KL+NB Architects


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