Arsen Shopping Centre
The shopping centre `Arsen` occupies the former warehouse building on Zelena St. in Lviv. Two-storey ferro - concrete structure, rectangular in the plan (36 m ? 72 m), constructed in 1970th, now it is reassembled in a new configuration. The good condition of the structure, its architectonics and rhythm have caused preservation of the whole ferro-concrete skeleton of the building. The former ground floor level is lowered on 0,6 m for the easy circulation of the customers with carriages. This street level includes the food supermarket area with the storage, industrial and administrative spaces. The anchor tenant occupies the second level. The programme called for an addition that included an entry, escalators hall, storage space and others. People enter into a double – height hall, that allows them to take in the first floor level. The static geometry of the former building is energized by the new architectural elements. The minimal environment and building`s industrial origins have caused the active exterior design. The whole façade composition symbolizes the brand`s identity and supports the bright trade mark sign. For the satisfaction of the higher requirements of the customers, the generously glassed hall with the escalators is arranged near the main entrance. The two-storey extension of the hall is poured to the main volume of the structure, giving the sensations of the adventures and discovery. With the hospitality and affability, the canopy takes off above the main entrance, deducing the interior outside, as the large attractive show-window. The materials were chosen for economy and durability. The work also included upgrading the building `s infrastructure to meet current needs of the shopping centre. The total area is 6790 sq.m.


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