Ars Electronica Center

Extension of the Ars Electronica Center


eu-wide competition 1st price, 2006

general planning assignment


architecture: TREUSCH architecture ZT GMBH

general-planning: TREUSCH architecture ZT GMBH

statics: FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner ZT GmbH

building services engineering: TB ZFG Projekt GmbH

construction physics: ZT Pfeiler GmbH


Commencment of planning: 2006

Commencment of work: March 2007

Completition planned for December 2008


land area                     4.227m²

building area                3.336m²

drawing space            5.074m²

gross floor space        10.557m²

gross volume                  57.159m



1. main- and supply building with several stories, conterminous to the existing AEC

2. exhibition space in the basement with a place lying upon - main deck

3. future lab with upper deck


The leading idea of the design is to create a sculptural building, whose structure is accessible and therefore easy to experience. The Ars Electronica Center and the extension will be linked to one unit and perceived as a whole. In its neighbourhood the crystalline shape forms a homogeneous ensemble and a landmark.

The urbanistic concept is based on on the prinziple of a dialogue with its surrounding. In consideration of urbanistic important conditions, like the preservation of the wide view over the Danube as well as the conservation of the historical ensembles, an attractive ambience will be generated.

A construction consisting of steel and glass connects the existing Ars Electronica Center with the main and supply building. The partly transparent and partly translucent glass surfaces can be illuminated from behind. During the day, skylight windows, which can be opened, serve as a natural ventilation for the offices lying behind. The cube, composed of a double shell facade, can be used optional as a projection screen. Using the projection on the usable cladding at night, a transparent light sculpture with a high identifying feature emerges. Furthermore the facade can be populated with LED and LCD screens, whereby an additional information and announcement effect will be generated.


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