ArRiyadh Oasis City
The ArRiyadh Development Authority (ADA) has adopted a long term vision for the future planning of the City in which four urban subcenters are proposed to be created at the edge of the existing city. Each subcenter is intended to be a focus for development for the sector in which it occurs and will contain a significant portion of the commercial and civic development planned for the respective sector, in addition to significant residential development. The project envisages a well designed place that has: o Character; a place with its own identity o Continuity and enclosure; a place where public and private spaces are clearly distinguished o Quality of the public realm; a place with attractive and successful outdoor areas valued by people o Ease of movement; a place that is easy to reach and move through o Legibility; a place that has a clear image and easy to understand o Adaptability; a place with variety and choice and flexibility for future growth o Security; a place where the users feel and are as safe as possible Innovation and usefulness The Vision Master Plan takes its formal inspiration from the organic sculpting effects of water within the wadi and alludes to the historical origins of ArRiyadh as a garden city of canals and orchards. As an ‘Oasis City’, the Eastern Subcenter aspires to be a haven of idyllic and sustainable development providing shelter and relief to its inhabitants through vibrant, interesting and activated pedestrian friendly spaces. ArRiyadh Oasis City represents a microcosm of the city of ArRiyadh itself embodying idealized aspects of its history, spirituality, culture, tradition, ecology and future aspirations. ArRiyadh Oasis City will symbolize the life of the city itself through the conceptual narrative of its design and its functional layout. This narrative will manifest through key elements of the urban design including the main public park, the souk and the overall approach of sustainability. The plan is dominated by a curvilinear and organically shaped public park that unifies the north and south sides of the site in a narrative of spatial experiences. This public space insinuates itself into every aspect of the planning strategies and will bring a distinctly unique urban experience to Riyadh. The articulation of this park is based on a sequence of character districts forming a narrative of spatial experiences. • Nature • Religion • Tradition • Retail • Art • Sport A network of green landscaped pedestrian routes serves to interconnect the main public amenities of the site and allow attractive and walk able connection between all of the neighbourhood districts. These routes are referred to as ‘Wadis’ and are intended to be organically shaped and spatially interesting pedestrian and bicycle linkages throughout the site. These Wadis vary in width and alignment and open up into pedestrian scaled pocket courtyards and plazas along their routes providing a journey of discovery as new and wonderful spatial experiences await travellers around every corner. Sustainability Sustainability is a key element of the inspiration for ArRiyadh Oasis City and has been imbued into every aspect of this masterplan’s creation. A balanced and foreword thinking approach to the development of the masterplan ensures that the opportunities presented by this proposal are exploited to their maximum. These opportunities are analysed considering the near and far future stages as equals in importance in order to allow the life of the oasis to thrive and to grow unhindered by constraints. ArRiyadh Oasis City presents an integrated and complimentary mixed use community where an ethos of ‘Live Work and Play’ will not only ensure a self sufficiency of its economy and a vibrancy and activation of its public realm but will also encourage this development to become the new center for the city of Riyadh itself. Using the latest analytical and technical design tools and understanding, the masterplan has been created to ensure the development of a low energy, low carbon use community and one where comfortably shaded and naturally ventilated public spaces will encourage pedestrian activation and social interaction. The following sustainability objectives have been identified for ArRiyadh Oasis City: o To minimise the net CO2 emissions from the master plan area through the development of energy efficient buildings and infrastructure and the provision of power from renewable energy sources; o The reduction of waste generation through improved design and the encouragement of re-use, recycling and composting the efficient configuration of land uses so as to reduce the need to travel, especially by private, motorised vehicles; o The provision of transport systems and infrastructure that reduce dependence on fossil fuel use; o Wherever possible, the use of local, reclaimed, renewable and recycled materials in construction and products which minimise transport emissions, spur investment in local resource stock and boost the local economy; o The implementation of water use efficiency measures, re-use and recycling, the minimisation of water extraction and pollution and the fostering of sustainable water and sewerage management; o The celebration and preservation of cultural heritage and the sense of local and regional identity; o The promotion of healthy lifestyles and physical, mental and spiritual well-being through well-designed residential communities. Current Status The project is currently in the Detailed Masterplanning stage and going through a liaisoning and approvals process with the ArRiyadh Development Authority.


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